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The Gold Bracteates of the Migration Period

The Gold Bracteates of the Migration Period are among the most intriguing finds of all Germanic history. Leaving behind the largely …

Beyond Scandza: Rediscovering the Saxon World

When I started the “Roter Geysir” project a little over two years ago, my main focus was to bring archaeological finds and …

Heilung: new album and upcoming Europe tour

Since the release of their debut album “Ofnir” in 2015, the German-Danish-Norwegian collaboration around Kai Uwe Faust, Christopher …

An Old Saxon Wodan image north of Bremen

Northwest of Bremen, where the river Hunte leads into the Weser, lies the town of Elsfleth (see map in fig. 1), which has been …


“Moin! My name is Sven and I’m the originator of Roter Geysir. I’m a graduated Archaeologist from Westfalen with a special interest in Central and North European Paganism from the Iron to the Viking Age.

With my work I’d like to shed some light on the less well known topics of this matter (and believe me, there are tons of them!).

I’m also a big advocate of the open source idea, therefore all my content is released under the Creative Commons license CC BY-SA for a free and unlimited exchange.”

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